What Things Can You Search for Online?

Posted on May 24, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

The World Wide Web (the internet) contains 8 billion pages; surely you can find what you need

If you have heard it once, you have heard it a thousand times, you can find anything online. Depending on what you are searching for, and how you search for it, you are bound to get the information you need.


Most people search the web looking for some specific information or product, or information on a product.  One of the secrets of the internet is that if you want to find the exact thing, you need to be as specific as possible. Somewhere out there, someone has the information you need, even if it is very unusual information. One of the problems on the web, is that big businesses want to make sure you come to them first for whatever you want. Have you ever searched for beaches, and got a result “Amazon has beaches”? Well, no they don’t, but they have content for about every key word that exists. So you need to be specific. If you search for hammocks, you will get millions of hits. If you search for rope hammocks, you will narrow your search. If you search for how to make rope hammocks, you are really going to narrow your search and get what you want.


If someone on the net wants to be found, you will find them.  Most people put their full, true name on Facebook for the simple reason that they want people such as old schoolmates, old friends and neighbors and even old lovers find them.  Harder to find are people who use aliases on the internet. But except for the most dedicated hermit, just about everyone has an address, and if you can do a white pages search, you will find the addresses of all the people with that name. The more information you have on a person, the more you will narrow down the search. Using a site such as findermind, you can enter names, addresses, email address, telephone number, social security numbers, etc.  When two or more of these converge, you surely have the right person.


Businesses are the easiest things to find because they usually want to be found. Most businesses will have ample information on their site so that if anyone is looking for a product that they carry or service that they provide, when you search that term on the net you are sure to find them.  Of course in the case of services, and sometimes even products, you may want to find them in a location close to you. Not much sense in finding a hairdresser in California if you live in Maryland. So be sure you put the location of the business in your search as well. Next, depending on the density of the area, you may have to specialize further or be overwhelmed with results. You can just imagine how many results you will get if you search for restaurants, New York City. But narrow it down to mid town, and then narrow it down to Chinese restaurants and you will have your craving for Kung Pau Chicken satisfied in no time.

Safety on the internet is important because there are so many people and it is so hard to trace them if something goes wrong. This article of background check reviews should help you learn how to run a background check so that you can be safe online.

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