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Posted on May 22, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Are you an online writer whose blogs and articles receive lots of comments from readers or are you one of those who are forever struggling to get their posts noticed by target audiences? As an online content writer, one of your main tasks is to write informative, educational, and relevant posts that can prod online readers to leave a comment after they’re done reading your work. This is truly a tough job to pull but one that you can definitely accomplish anytime. You just need to employ some powerful writing techniques.

How To Write Comment-Worthy Blogs And Articles

Comment Attracting ArticlesHow can you write an exceptionally powerful blog that can encourage readers to actually allot some time to leave some comments in the comment box? The secret is starting the write-up with a bang, following it up with a magnificent article body, and ending with a memorable and high impact conclusion. How do you do that? Check out some pointers below:

  1. Begin the article or blog with a brief but highly commanding introduction.

In writing articles, it is very important that you think about a powerful and commanding introduction that will instantly capture the reader’s attention. Rhetorical questions are very effective article introductions. You can also start by giving a true-to-life claim or situation. Just make sure that it is relevant enough for your target readers.

  1. Develop an engaging body using factual, witty, and substantial paragraphs.

It is not enough to just hook them in the start of the blog post. You have to keep their attention by offering paragraphs of useful, thought-provoking, and even amusing statements. It is also helpful to use a reader-friendly format like placing bullets, headings, and sub-headings in the whole post.

  1. Maintain a simple, clear, coherent but creative way of writing the rest of the article body.

Avoid using too many words, jargons, and technical terms in your article. Keep it simple and understandable. If you have to use highly technical words, make sure to define or describe them properly.

  1. End by summing up the points you made in the article body.

One good way of ending any article or blog is to mention the different facts or points you made in the article’s body. This way, your readers’ mind will be refreshed and they will have enough information to use for when they leave comments after reading the whole composition.

  1. End by giving reflective, inspirational, profound or even light but memorable statements.

It is important for you to give your readers a generally good feeling after they have read your blog. Make sure to leave high impact statements that will further encourage them to leave comments after they’re done perusing your work.

Sometimes, all it takes is just a little bit of effort to turn an ordinary writing piece into an exceptional or powerful one. Would you like to start producing comment-worthy blogs from this day onwards? Follow the tips given above and you’ll soon be on your way to creating blogs which readers can’t help but comment on. Good luck!

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