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Posted on May 22, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Blogging has evolved from a personal public diary read by friends and fans into more of an obligatory addition to any website – cooperate or personal. The blog allows some to add a more personal or promotional entry which otherwise doesn’t suit the rest of the website, after all most websites are fairly static bar social networking tools built into the site and product updates, they are quickly becoming more dynamic with the wide scale acceptance of popular content management systems and social media integration which is both easy to install and manage.

If you were to approach an SEO about a new website project, it would be highly likely they would recommend that you install a blog to your business or personal website. You may ask why this is a recommendation when all you want to do is add products and make sales.

Blogging is an awesome move in terms of SEO, in a nut shell it increases your visibility once the pages are crawled by the search engines you are likely to get at least some traffic for your new content, which in turn increases the interaction with your website and if you have kept your blogging relational to the main theme of your site you are likely to get some visitors exploring and potentially a purchase or return visitor. Well that is the general over view, but let me explain a bit more from an SEO perspective.

You may or may not be aware but the ultimate goal of SEO campaigns is to increase a website or webpages ranks in organic search. In order to do this one looks at the keywords and key phrases which associate to specific content, services or products the client would like to rank for. One problem that you can run into here is competition, many areas of SEO are highly competitive, one such example of a highly competitive search term is Car Insurance, without deep pockets and lots of time it is unlikely you would achieve a rank for this phrase – “Content Is King”

You have all probably heard the phrase, it is true. Good content will enable you to network with other people, if they like your content then they might link to your blog post. It’s that simple, webmasters and visitors alike may share your content on social bookmarking sites, all of this aids your SEO efforts, essentially the more links you have to your content the better it should rank in the search engine results.

Blogging gives your company a voice and a way for those interested to interact on a personal level, a relationship which might encourage them to choose your brand rather than competitors. The interaction from readers helps to drive forward a community of contributors.

These are just a couple of tips which should help you get started down the route of SEOing your blog, but there are so many more ways you can promote your business and blog through SEO.

Rosie is an enthusiastic author in the business world. With a background in the creative sector she now focuses on branding and extending a company’s marketing message to be something that is carried alongside the customer through the client journey. Currently looking at promotional products, she is writing about the benefits of promotional mugs and promotional pens and what these can do for you!

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