Pinterest Leaves a Lasting Impact on Web Design

Posted on May 17, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Everyone knows about the explosion of social media sharing sites across the web.  Facebook, Twitter and Google + are at the top of that list but a relatively new platform is quickly climbing the social ladder.  Pinterest is an online bulletin board that enables users to “pin” their favorite photos from across the web.  Each user has a virtual pin board to be shared with friends or to simply serve as a location to collect inspiration.  Deep in the public’s eye for the past twelve months, some consider Pinterest yesterday’s news.  Still, Pinterest has undoubtedly made a lasting impact on web design.


Fantastic and Fascinating Features

Pinterest boasts an attractive web design and layout that easily captures the attention of users.  Pinterest scales all pictures automatically to a standard size that provides an element of consistency throughout the social sharing site.  All pictures contain links back to their original location and users can start their own collection of pictures.

A never-ending scrolling feature shines a spotlight on Pinterest as a powerful social media sharing platform.  Users can browse pins for hours without ever clicking the mouse to get to another page.  Pinterest is intuitive and simple to understand, so it appeals to users from all walks of life.  A unique invitation feature also sets Pinterest apart from other popular social media sharing sites.

Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

Pinterest has particularly changed expectations about image presentation.  Both individuals and businesses are now creating photo galleries, memes, online portfolios and more as marketing tools.  Consider the amazing marketing opportunities available through Pinterest.

Users can create an attention-grabbing image collection to be shared via social media sites that reach millions of people.  Pinterest also adds personality to online brands.  Even web designers searching for inspiration can turn to the extraordinary collection of photos available on Pinterest.

Key Design Elements

Let’s look at some of Pinterest’s key design elements that web designers can adapt to build incredible sites:

  • Like Pinterest, web designers can opt to keep their images uniform size.  Pinterest features uniform sizes for both landscape and portrait images.
  • It is easy to see that the Pinterest background is simple, but it is also important to note that it is elegant at the same time.  Web designers should look to embrace simplicity and elegance to build a premium website.
  • Pinterest has an intuitive linking structure that facilitates easy navigation across the site.
  • Users who browse the photos on Pinterest often end up far from where they began.  Like Pinterest, make it easy for users to backtrack and return to the homepage.
  • Pinterest features only quality images.  Feel free to create a theme for website images such as vintage or modern.
  • Pinterest users look to share their images with friends through social sites and email messages.  You should make it as easy as possible for website visitors to share their favorite content.
  • User interaction makes social media sites fun to explore.  You can include a comment section to stir up the pot and get the conversation going.

Paving the Road for Web Designers

Considering their immense popularity, it is safe to say that another powerhouse social media platform will emerge in the future.  Still, the design principles that helped skyrocket Pinterest to the top of the social media food chain will continue to inspire web designers looking to create professional image collection sites.
Akesh Gupta is President of Light Speed Solutions.  Akesh and his team devlier quality web design services on time and on budget.

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