Are You Championing Your Own Useless Website Content?

Posted on May 16, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

What’s worse?

Creating a business website that you love the look of, wrote all the content for yourself and gets you no sales? Or creating a business website that you don’t like the look of (because it doesn’t include some of the features and images you had your heart set on), you allowed a professional to write the content for and gets you lots of new sales?

Stupid question right? Well why then do so many business owners seem to be under the impression that they know best when it comes to their website, even when their lack of sales greets them when they sit down in front of their sales ledger every morning over a cup of lukewarm milky coffee and a stale breakfast bran muffin?


Thinking Outside Your Own Brain Box

The problem is that business owners tend to be closet (or perhaps more commonly un-closeted) ego-maniacs when it comes to their business. (Come on, admit it.) They really don’t respect the opinions of others when it comes to their business and will stick to their guns even when they are clearly pumping out info-blanks.

Business owners need a kick up the behind for starters, then immediately after, they need to see their website and business from an online users perspective.

How To Improve It

Usability Study – The first and possibly the cheapest way to get a good idea of what an actual cross section of your users think about your website, is to undertake a usability study. You could set this up yourself but that would be much more expensive than employing an online company.

They will have a database of willing online testers from a range of backgrounds that will approach your website with objective eyes and provide honest opinions and impressions on everything from the look and feel to feedback on a set tasks.

The results can be incredibly eye opening for single minded business owners.

Employ a Professional – By approaching a professional web copywriter to create all the content for your site you will end up with a site that presents your information in the best possible way, this will give you the best chance of making more sales.

They will learn about your business, tease out all your best selling points and design the content to entice customers and encourage them to do what you want them to.

The hard part is allowing yourself to trust them.

Look at Analytics – At the end of the day the proof is in the analytics. Through a tool like Google Analytics you can track all the user activity on your site and work out where they are leaving and therefore where your site is failing.

At the very least this should convince you to use one of the two options above to transform your website into one that works for your customers and not just your own ego.

Gerald Hanover is a IT usability expert. He provides IT solutions and managed IT services to beleaguered website owners worldwide.

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