Increase Your Blog Traffic With These Tips

Posted on May 16, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Many people may get discouraged when they aren’t seeing an increase in their blog traffic. However, the author of the blog needs to take action to promote their site in order to increase traffic. It isn’t enough to leave it there and hope people will find it. There are plenty of ways to attract visitors to your blog; consider these top tips to increase your blog traffic.

Create Quality Content

Quality content is the key to generating traffic. While you may be able to get a lot of one-time visitors through other promotion methods, people aren’t going to come back if they don’t feel that your blog is worth reading. Additionally, people are going to help spread the word of your blog if you write articles that are worth reading, and quality content is going to assist in bringing in traffic by word of mouth. Quality content can also aid in ranking higher on search engines.

 Submit Your Blog to Search Engines

Finding information on search engines is perhaps the best way to increase blog traffic. This is because people aren’t always simply flipping through links and blogs to find one that they like. Instead, they use search engines to find articles worth reading in their area of interest or when they are doing research. However, they can’t find you unless you submit your blog URL to the search engines.

 Use Search Engine Optimization to Your Advantage

Search engine optimization refers to a variety of techniques that can be used to help your blog rank higher on search engines. By using popular keywords, creating more links to your site, and taking advantage of other SEO techniques, more people will be able to find your site through the search engine.

Spread the Word With Social Media

Social media can also help generate a lot of traffic to a blog. Share your blog on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and other popular social networking sites so that your friends can visit your site. Ask them to share a link to your site as well. Other ways you can use social media to increase traffic is to join blogging groups or to add social media buttons to your blog so that visitors can share links to your posts with their social media connections.

 Allow People to Subscribe to Your Blog

One important part of increasing blog traffic is to have subscribers or followers. These are people who will continue to come back to read your latest posts because they find your content interesting. These people are valuable, because they can provide a number of page views per day and will help to spread the word of your blog onto other people.

 Guest Post on Another Blog

Another way to increase your blog traffic that many people rave about is to submit a guest post on another blog. A guest post is a post written by you and posted on another blog where you are often able to include links to your content. To find a blog to guest post on, look up blogs similar to yours and search for their guest posting guidelines. If they accept guest bloggers–some do not–then contact the admin with your ideas for a post. They will let you know if they will accept a post from you, then you can submit your article, and their visitors will be directed to your blog.

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