Why Your iPad Can Be The Ultimate Traveling Tool

Posted on May 10, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Going away for the holidays this year? Make sure you bring along your faithful and handy iPad. What better travel companion could you ask for? First off, you make a rather nice impression when you whip out your iPad on the flight, at the beach, or in the coffee shop. Slim and shiny, full of interesting things to do, your iPad makes you seem so-in-the-know. You are well prepared to do work, to play, to keep yourself occupied during all the downtime that seems to come with traveling.


iPad Entertainment

Let’s imagine you’re settling into a longish flight, seven or eight hours, say. Use your iPad to watch a movie. Zip! Two hours fly by. Next, you might want to do a little light reading, a magazine perhaps. No boring in-flight brochures or catalogs for you! Or maybe you have a juicy novel you’ve been waiting to dive into. Now’s the perfect moment. You have time, relative quiet, few distractions and the perfect device to help you access a good story. When you get tired of reading, settle back and enjoy some music. And guess what else? The battery for the iPad just goes on and on.

iPad Information

What if you’re traveling to a place you’ve never been before? Maybe you need to research flights, tourist attractions, local geography, hotels. Maybe you need maps and driving instructions. Perhaps you want to check out what the weather will be. There are plenty of iPad apps that are focused on travel and include flight trackers, mapping apps, as well as guides and references specific to traveling.


iPad Access

Now, you have all of this and more at your fingertips in just one small, slim machine. You don’t need to pack one other bit of entertainment or information, it’s all there in one place. With the help of Line2, you can also turn your iPad into a phone that is particularly valuable on international trips because of the Wifi reception and no roaming charges. Not only does the iPad contain all you need for entertainment and travel info, but it also alerts everyone around you to the fact that you are yourself a sleek, successful, together person. Your iPad is easy to stow: whip this slim little device out whenever you want it, and hide it away at will. Marvel at how little room it requires.

One more fabulous thing about the iPad is that you can use it as a signal to that overly chatty person sitting next to you on the flight: “Sorry, I’m occupied and chances are, I’m going to be occupied with this lovely little gadget for THE ENTIRE FLIGHT.”

Ah, the iPad. All traveling companions should be this useful, this discreet, this entertaining, this attractive. On when you want them, off when you’re through. Asking nothing of you and giving and giving whenever you are ready for their gifts. So, turn it on and take off on your next fantastic trip. Well, if it’s not fantastic, the iPad will at least make it more fun.

Jessy is a travel blogger for Dobovo, the free app to find affordable apartments in Kiev for unique traveling experience next time you visit Eastern Europe.

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  1. Great read! No matter if I’m traveling for business with my job at Dish or just going on a trip for vacation, I always make sure to bring my iPad with me no matter what! It still amazes me to this day that anywhere I go; I can read, listen to music, play games and even watch live TV, with such a sleek piece of technology. My favorite aspect of it is being able to watch all of my favorite shows from back home, live or recorded; with the Dish Remote Access app I have downloaded. It truly is the ultimate travel companion! 🙂

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