Why Tell Your Friends to Review Your Websites?

Posted on May 4, 2012 by jitendraag

If you run a website or a blog then it is highly important that you get as much honest and direct feedback as possible regarding the way it is perceived by visitors. Many people will shy away from showing their website to friends, worrying that people will judge it harshly and judge us harshly by extension. However that is the complete wrong attitude – not only because it demonstrates that we aren’t genuinely happy with our work (in which case it needs a rework), but also because negative feedback is actually incredibly useful – and as long as it’s constructive it will allow us to build a better website and to improve on areas where we need to.

As such then it’s highly important that we make use of our friends as critics and see what they have to say about our site. Here’s how to do that.


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Watch Them

One very useful thing to do is to simply sit someone down in front of your website and see what they do when they get there. This person ideally won’t have visited your site before, and they won’t have any idea what it’s about. This is important because it gives you a little impression of what someone does the first time they visit your site and where they look. Watch carefully for instance where they move the mouse – this is important because the place someone moves the mouse is also likely to be the place they are looking. If they aren’t looking at your adverts or at the most important parts of your site, then this is right away something for you to improve and you can put some more crucial aspects of your page there.

Likewise you should look at the first lace they click, and you should ask them why they clicked there. Ask yourself what you want the first thing someone does when they visit your site to be – and if they aren’t doing that then you need to make your front end more focussed and more direct to ensure they behave the way you intend them to.

Of course you should also ask if they have any suggestions for change and you should ask them which elements they liked and did not like. How’s the color scheme? How’s the layout? How are the images? You should also try to find out whether they seem to understand what your site is about or whether that needs to be made more clear.

Expose Your Site

Likewise you can also get some feedback through your Facebook page, simply in numbers. If you post a link from your website on your own Facebook page and share it with your friends and family then you have an audience who are right away more likely to look there because they will probably be interested in what you spend all that time online doing. Thus you can look at which of your articles gets lots of views and lots of likes, and which do not, and you can alter your website accordingly.

Pass the Salt

However do recognize that the feedback from your friends is not verbatim by any stretch of the imagination and that it’s very important that you take their opinions with a large pinch of salt. The reasons for this are numerous – but primarily note that these are your friends so they are always going to be somewhat positive. At the same time you can’t please everyone all of the time and there is always an element of personal preference – be sure that you don’t place too much stock in what one person thinks.

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