Why More People Use Author Tags?

Posted on May 3, 2012 by Ric

Being an author of a lot of articles is a sure way to build credibility in this content-driven internet marketing industry. One of the changes that was incorporated by Google last year but just taking real-life effects now is the authorship of articles.

1 out of 5 uses author tags

According to an experiment conducted by blog.searchmetrics.com, 17 percent of the top 100 sites that appear in Google search has author tags.

Their experiment covered 1 million keyword searches. For every 170,554 keywords searched there are 15,274 unique authors.

It’s relatively a new feature but it is gaining more followers.


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Why should I use it?

Jill Whalen of Highrankings.com lists 5 reasons why we should add tags to our articles.

First, it is easy to implement – you just need to add the tag. It makes content stand out because in searches your photos will appear, other than the star ratings.

Having these tags can also prove credibility and provide more exposure. The list of articles under your name as well as citations from other authors makes you look (more) credible.

A higher clickthrough rate is also expected because it is hard to avoid, for users, to click Google’s suggestions to your other articles.

The data gathered through author tags also provide additional metrics in webmaster tools – number of pages, impressions, and clicks.

How does it work?

Authorship works by adding rel=”author” tag to the articles. Then these articles are linked back to a profile page (Google Profiles). This could also work if your Google Profile page is linked to a site wherein you have author status. So a Google account is needed for this to properly work.

Another is rel=”me”, which simply tells the search engine that an author profile in one account is the same person from another account – they’re being linked. After having these tags a Rich Snippet Testing Tool to make sure that the tag is working.

What appears in the Google search results is a photo of the author of the content and other personal information as well as the rating (in stars). Some more articles from the same author are suggested in the same page.

The reason behind – Google+

The author tag works if you have an active Google account. And you need to link whatever you publish online (or submitted for publication) to that account.

Some are vocal in saying that this authorship is just one way of forcing people to use Google+. It is one way to gather information regarding the users. Or just simply, for more to sign up.

Online authorship

Now, why more people use author tags? In my opinion, authors do not have any other choice. To remain in the competition they need to use it or else they will be left behind.

Whatever the motives behind this authorship program, one thing is for sure – authors get the credit for what they publish. Searching for high quality content will be synonymous with searching for credible authors.

An author’s credibility and authority in online content writing is best shown when online articles are organized in the way that Google promotes now.

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