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Posted on April 27, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Nokia Lumia, the latest Windows Phone is currently the most successful Windows phone which is being sold like hotcakes all over the world. The numbers speaks for itself and no doubt this is going to be one of the best selling models in the history of Nokia. Well, most of you would be eager to get your hands on this super device but not all of you own one. So, if you are using a Nokia Symbian Phone and want to try out the new Windows 7 Metro UI, it is definitely possible to do so on your own Nokia smartphone and this article is something that will guide on upon it. This can be thought of as a theme that will change the look of your Symbian Smartphone Completely and transform into a Windows phone.  Its not just about the interface but it comes along with loads of features as well. Lets have a look. All you would need is a Symbian application named as WPEmu.

Step 1

First of all, go to Nokia Store, login to your Nokia Account and download the WPEmu for Symbian app [Costs Rs.10 for Indian users which is approx $0.20]. The  screenshot here shows the webpage of this application.

Step 2

This is the important step. You must know whether is it possible to do this transformation on your device. So Click on Set device which would be located on the top left of the site. The screenshot here would guide you.

Step 3

  • You can either Download via PC or Download on mobile. If you are downloading it via PC, make sure that you have got Nokia PC Suite installed. Rest of the process would be familiar to you, like connecting your device to the PC via Data Cable and proceeding from there on.
  • If you opt to download on mobile, you can install this app using the Nokia Drop.


Thats it! Now you can run the app. First it would be better to restart your cellphone and then you would notice the change in the interface from Symbian look to the latest look similar to that of Windows phone Metro UI.

As I told above that This is not just the change of interface but it has got a few good options as well. This is the latest version of the app and is free of all bugs and errors.

Some of the key features include [As given in the App webpage]:
-Changeable tiles colour (10 colors)
-New “Settings Hub”
-New Lockscreen
-Some tweaks in all hubs
-Battery and Signal info in Settings hub
-New pictures and music tiles
-Bigger date text

As already told, the app costs Rs.10. But it is really worth it for the really cool features that it contains.In case you are looking for an app that is free of cost, Here is another alternative that is more or less similar to WPEmu. It is the WP7-Green Launcher which can be downloaded from here. The installation process for this app is same as that of  WPEmu.

The interface of WP7-Green Launcher is like this. [See the Screenshot Here]



  • WP7-Green Launcher has got only Green color theme.
  • WP7-Green Launcher doesn’t support Nokia E7-00 Belle.
  • Both these apps do not replace the default Symbian OS, it just transforms into the Windows 7 Metro UI.


Really Simple isn’t it? Enjoy the new look of your Smartphone and do let us know if you have got any queries!


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