How to Add or Insert YouTube Videos in PowerPoint

Posted on April 18, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

You are a creating a Powerpoint presentation and to make it more catchy, you might think of putting a YouTube video in it. Wondering whether it’s possible? The answer is YES. You could either choose the option of downloading the YouTube video using this method and then insert it into your presention or you could directly embed the YouTube video to the powerpoint directly. You should preferably choose the option of embedding the video as most of the video are copyright protected and it would an offence to just pluck the video by downloading it and then uploading it your PPT. So to be on the safer side, Lets choose the method of video embedding on powerpoint using the method described below.

Here is a Very Quick and short Procedure:

You could either Download and install the YouTube Wizard plugin from here. It will add a “Insert YouTube Video” command to the PowerPoint Toolbar. This is recommended for Office 2010 failing which you could opt for the below mentioned method.

Embedding in Office 2010:

To embed YouTube videos using in office 2010, Go to Insert> Video >Video from online video site as shown below.


You will be presented with a new window where you have to add the embedded code. To obtain the embedded code, open the link of the video on YouTube that you would like to add in the PPT and do the following:


Add the code to the box and click Insert. That’s it!

You can now customize the video and modify the size according to your needs.

Also NOTE that The video would load only on the Slideshow. So you can try it out by pressing F5 and going to the slideshow mode.


Embedding in Office 2007:

  • First of all, Copy the YouTube URL that you would like to add to the presentation.
  • You need to turn on the Developer Tab in the Powerpoint 2007 which can be done by clicking on the Office Button on Left hand top> PowerPoint Options [At the  button of the menu] . Check the box “Show Developer Tab in Ribbon”  as shown here.
  • Now Go to the Developer Tab. Click on the icon that looks like Hammer and wrench.
  • Select Shockwave Flash Object from the various choices displayed.
  • Now Make a box on your Slide where you would like to embed the Youtube video.
  • Right Click on the box and select Properties.
  •  In the box to the right of Movie Paste your YouTube URL and modify the URL a bit. Delete the “watch?” from the URL and change the = sign to /


That’s it. You can even follow the video below to Guide yourself.

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