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Posted on April 5, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

In the present world, Internet usage is something that has increased tremendously compared to the world before five years. Studies also show that the drastic usage of internet is mainly used for the download purpose. Downloading stuffs over the internet is something that is done almost everyday by teens and elders all around the world that is has become a essential part of the daily life. Downloads happening over the globe mainly consists of Games, Softwares, Music, Mp3 Songs, Movies, Videos and what not.


Download is not an easy task if you do not have an Internet Plan with a Bandwidth that would serve the purpose.So here is where Download Managers come into task. A Good Download Manager is the one which would give you super fast download speed. IDM [Internet Download Manager] is one such and undoubtedly the world’s best Download manager at present. It  is a complete amalgamation with all the features appropriate for administering downloading tasks with assurance.


Big Plus Points:

IDM has the feature of automatically recognizing the file types while download is about to being. Also, the Downloads are not limited to specific file types. It can download programs, documents, music, videos and other file extensions with ease. On top of that, it also recognize files that are streamed to the computer.

IDM can take over downloads from any internet browser if its kind matches the list of extensions mentioned. You may edit the list of extensions in “Options->File Types”.


Some of the key IDM features are:

  • Supports all popular browsers and applications like chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox and others
  • It supports downloading of videos while it’s being. It can download FLV videos from popular sites like YouTube, Metacafe, dailymotion, MySpaceTV and many more.
  • One click download option.
  • Has got a Drag and Drop Feature.
  • Automatic Antivirus check – You have the option to Configure setting and and select the installed Antivirus program to enable virus checking when download is complete.
  • Resume Download feature – Allows you to download the file part by part at a time allowing you to pause the current download and resume it later on.
  • Increases the download speed upto 4x compared to the normal in-built browser downloader.
  • Download limits –  Progressive downloading with quotas feature limits downloading to defined number of megabytes per hour. The feature is useful for connections that use fair access policy (or FAP) like Direcway, Direct PC, Hughes, etc.
  • Has got a very important feature like website grabber which comes into play when you are looking to download all images from a website or wanting to download the site completely for offline browsing.
  • Prompts and asks what is to be done in case a duplicate download link is added.
  • Has got multingual support, zip preview, download categories, sounds on different events, scheduler pro, https support, queue processor, html help and other features.
  • You can schedule downloads so that they are downloaded at selected times of the day.
  • IDM  even supports proxy servers, firewalls, protocols, redirects, cookies, and authorization, audio, video, and other files.
  • Quick Update Feature.
  • Supports main authentication protocols: Basic, Negotiate, NTLM, and Keberos.


How To Download Youtube Videos Using IDM:

Open your web browser and find a video on YouTube you want to download. Wait until you get the  button “Download Video From This Page” on the top right of the video and click it.


On some particular videos, You will be presented with the option of Downloading the Video in various sizes depending upon the quality of the video, enabling you to download the particular resolution that you wish to watch.  When you initiate a download , you will see the following prompt come up. You can choose the folder and the category where you want the files to be saved.

The download complete window is displayed in the end as shown below:



Enjoy the video!

How To Download from file sharing Sites like Rapidshare:

If you are willing to download files from file sharing sites like Rapidshare, IDM will download the correct file only if the download is captured automatically from the browser. If you use “Download with IDM” browser context menu item or download panel for selected links, IDM will download a web page instead of a download. Also make sure that you have enabled “Start downloading immediately while displaying …” option in “ Downloads > Options“.


In case you have a premium account, then You need to add your Login and password Details for Rapidshare in “Downloads >Options > IDM configuration> Sites Logins” You need to add two entries. Also note that you should use “” and “*” as the server names.

Also make sure that you have checked the “Direct Download” box in Premium Zone.


How To Download Files in Bulk From File Sharing Sites:

IDM can also be used to download from file sharing sites like Rapidshare, Filesonic. You are at a comfort level if you are having a premium account. All you need to do is to select links in a forum using Right-Click and Select “Download with IDM” button and let the app do the rest. [Click on the images to enlarge it]



Another Good feature about IDM is that they come up with crucial updates at regular intervals of time. The current and the latest verison of IDM is v6.10.  The cost of IDM is just $25 and its worth every penny that you are going to spend on it for experiencing the above mentioned features. With the large set of features that it offers, IDM is the ultimate Download Manager and is placed at the top in its niche.

As a Token of appreciation, We have some genuine licenses for IDM to be given away. You  can be one of the winner. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

  • Let us know why you would like to win the license through the comments.
  • Like Our Facebook Fan Page – Facebook Fan Page
  • Share This Post On your Facebook Profile Page and other Social Networking Platforms and post the links through the comments as a proof.

Winners will be selected randomly by the IDM team and would receive the licenses through their e-mails on 15th April which is the deadline for this Giveaway.  Good Luck. Also watch out for the cool giveaways in the near future.

About Nikhil P Naik

Nikhil Naik has a Master's Degree in Information Systems, and is currently working as a Software Engineer at Microsoft. He also loves playing cricket, listening to music, and traveling. Twitter Handle - @buzz_nikhil.


  1. Liked & shared on facebook.

    I have a slow internet connection so I tried IDM and it helps me to download files fast and easily for work and personal use. The other features I like is the ability to resume broken downloads and auto queuing of files for later download which frees my time for other tasks. It is an excellent program and I hope to win a license which would be awesome. Thanks.

  2. All those who shared the post, Please post the link to the page where you posted the comment like Jay did or else I won’t know who all shared.

  3. dilip roy says

    I like to win it because I download several videos,music,files etc from various sites so I need an effective download manager.I had trial version of IDM & saw the differences,it’s the best download manager in the world.
    Twitter sharing-!/diliproy55/status/188803086733684739
    FB sharing-

  4. With low bandwidth I want fast and resumable download that’s why I want awesome IDM. It is the best download manager on earth.

    Shared the post at my wall:


  5. Hi,
    Akhilesh here. I have shared this page too.
    And yeah, liked the fb page of this site as well.
    I would really like to get hold of a license of this amazing tool.
    Appreciate your offer.

    I absolutely love this design.
    Can you tell me how you added this floating social share buttons and the “RECOMMENDED FOR YOU” thing? Would help a lot. I’m not great with wordpress.


  6. Dhananjaya says

    hi please,count me in for this superb give away.I have been using IDM for couple of years now and I am mighty impressed with its features and the ease of use. Though it is named Internet Download Manager but the main purpose of its use is download speed acceleration. I have tried many other free/paid tools but none could match IDM’s download acceleration. It is capable of increasing the download speed up to 5 times..

    here is my share in facebook

  7. please,count me in for this give away..I have used many managers to download files from the Internet, but Internet Download Manager surpass them all. IDM supports proxy servers, ftp and http which makes it unbeatable. Plus the integration with most browsers, such as:
    -Internet Explorer
    Chrome and many other popular browsers.
    The program has several categories to which the downloaded files are saved: a compressed, music, documents, programs, films, unfinished. I just do not use these categories, and I deleted them and I record files in a folder of general, which shows in the options settings. Thanks to the segmentation of longer files can be shared so that the download is faster. Through IDM can download flash videos from sites like YouTube, MySpaceTV, and Google Video. The program has an option to resume the download, which works when you suddenly stop us downloading from a sudden lack of internet. Downloaded files can now scan with your antivirus software, which we indicate in the settings. Further, the pros of this program are:
    -off by a computer program after downloading the file
    IDM-customize the appearance by adding, removing the buttons in the toolbar. -Download additional styles toolbarów program so that we can look to suit your needs
    – And the most important feature of this program updates. The program informs us about available updates and downloads them to us. Thank you for the contest

  8. Mohammad Wasiullah says

    Thanks for giveaway I tried many downloader and i backed to IDM, IDM is the best download service provide it’s force fully download mean when I taked Internet service so I am not was very happy because ISP speed every body know that, when I tried IDM i am very nice to see this great service name IDM, I want fast download this seed download service provide only IDM every think with fast without waste time
    count me in
    thansk for giveaway!/mohammadwasi786/status/190474739054166016

  9. Liked & shared on Facebook and twitter:!/vukasinko

    this is great giveaway.

    I like the IDM because it accelerate my download speed up to 5 times
    I use torrents a lot, so this is great opportynity to accelerate their download.

    Thanks in advance and happy easter

  10. Darlan souza says ESTOU FAZENDO A MINHA PARTE, DESDE DE JÁ AGRADEÇO PELA PARTICIPAÇÃO! WghOo0U-ciApfyUnYR2Fw&enc=AZMGkm1-KPl9iUA6BK89kSgpgBobTHN32yOFgH7ujtEH09Pw9WRdnAqc0hIZIvIUlx950EGvP3l1jz2q1Ejj4TlA

  11. Darlan souza says
  12. thank yoy for this nice giveaway
    I need idm to speed my download!/HowToGuides/posts/304691659601118


    i would like to win IDM because i have slow internet connection, and download a lot o files like movies or music from internet. Thanks to IDM i can also download files from sites like you tube. I tested many other download manager, but this one is the best. Please count me in. Sorry for my english, but this language isn,t my first.

  14. Internet Download Manager is a great tool to have it on windows, facilitate life of download and resume through intelligent algorithm. SInce my internet is not strong, IDM will help me gaining time and bandwidth. Thanks for the contest.!/azziz07/status/190564170859687938

  15. super if i win the license

  16. Asriel Rusdyawan says

    It’s a great experience to have this Wonderful Software installed in my Notebook. I like downloading everything substantial to my needs and pleasures. That’s the reason why I like to have this IDM. One of the best if it’s not the best of the best Downloader Tool ever. This tool is suitable to my internet connection speed and bandwidth in Indonesia which is too slow. This tool really help me to find what I really want.
    Please count me in Dude.!/asrielrusdyawan/status/190629428018163714

    Hope to be the Lucky One!

  17. hi,first of all this is a great giveaway….for this i would like to thank IDM team and Techarta……..i would also like you to know this one of the best and widely download manager for windows os.i have tried many dowload manager likes of Orbit,FDM,flashget,DAP etc……..but blv it or not i like IDM a lot…….it’s ability to download videos from youtube,metacafe other video sharing sites are just phenomenal…….and i would like to add that these days people are download various other stuffs from file sharing sites eg,hotfile,rapidshare,depositfiles any many others and and IDM is like a true gem for those guyz………it can resume the broken download if you’re usning premium a/c……..idm also can speed up your download 10 times faster and IDM biggest plus is it’s unique browser integration system……’s aslo supports right click context menu support in major browsers like Firefox and IE which is pretty cool and i also add that their support system is awesome………the only fallback is the the license they provide is only supports 1 year only, guyz @IDM plz we need lifetime license(if it possible…….just saying) 🙂 lastly my thanx goes to Nikhil Naik @Techarta and team IDM FOR this once in lifetime opportunity….(please count me in for this giveaway)…..great review and good luck all who participating into this contest………btw i don’t use facebook that much but i do use twitter, so here is my share hope it works out for you guyz and will also subscribe to your blog later……….. 🙂

  18. komarudin says

    liked and shared

    i need license of idm because idm is the real internet download manager

    plzz i need licensi key

  19. nice giveaway..thanks..idm is the best download manager which have full support of downloading everything from various sites even from i want licence bcz it can improve my boring slow dwnload speed of aircel..bcz idm can improve it.

  20. IDM is great! It not only speeds up downloads on my slow internet but lets me download whenever it’s convenient with the use of schedules and/or in parts for larger files (i.e. without killing the network for everyone else)!

    Thanks to for coming up with this awesome contest!

  21. Hi Everyone,

    IDM Keys have been sent to the Winner’s Email IDs.

    Here are the winners:
    Darlan souza
    dilip roy

    Congratulations to the winners!

    Some of you might wonder, why weren’t you counted as one of the winners. The reasons are:

    Some shared it on their facebook wall and deleted it later on due to which I couldn’t find it.

    Some haven’t told why you wanted to win the license as a result of which IDM team didn’t want to count you in.

    Some of you who have shared it on their walls haven’t liked our Facebook Fan page.

    Some of you have just liked the post, but haven’t shared it.

    Some of you who have shared it only on twitter have locked your twitter page as a result of which We couldn’t find the share.

    Anyways, There are loads of giveaways that would be shared in the near future. Hopefully that time around all the conditions would be fulfilled by you guys.

    One of the current giveaways is: (WinRAR 4.11 Review and Free License Giveaways)

    I assure you everyone will get to win at least one giveaway in Techarta. Thanks to all for taking part.