HP Announces ProLiant Gen8 Servers

Posted on April 3, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

HP today announced the self-sufficient line of servers of the ProLiant Gen8 series, which the company unveiled last month. The new generation of servers, are the result of a $300 million, two-year program called Project Voyager, one of the major step taken to redefine data center economics by automating every aspect of the server life cycle. To everyone’s surprise, Project Voyager has resulted in more than 900 patents filed and a new systems architecture called HP ProActive Insight architecture, which will span the entire HP Converged Infrastructure .


Manual operations and facilities management can cost companies more than $24 million over three years, while unplanned downtime is estimated to cost companies as much as $10 million an hour. As a result, data center managers must rely on more intelligent, self-sufficient technologies that eliminate the time-consuming, error-prone processes that consume valuable resources and can cause both failure and data loss.

Tested in more than 100 real-world data centers, HP ProLiant Gen8 servers are built with more than 150 client-inspired design innovations. These innovations dramatically accelerate application performance and also allow administrators to maximize server availability by eliminating common problems that cause failures, downtime and data loss. These are:

  • Integrated Lifecycle Automation
  • Dynamic Workload Acceleration
  • Automated Energy Optimization
  • Proactive Service and Support

Some other key features of  HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers include:

  • 3X Admin Productivity Improvement.
  • 6X Performance increase for most demanding workload.
  • 70% more compute per watt.
  • 66% faster Time-Problem Resolution.


“The skyrocketing cost of operations in the datacentre is unsustainable, and enterprises are looking to HP to help solve this problem, We are delivering innovative intelligence technologies that enable servers to virtually take care of themselves, allowing datacentre staff to devote more time to business innovation.”

said Vikram K, Director, Industry Standard Servers, HP India.

HP ProLiant Gen8 servers are available to early-adopter clients today. To accelerate virtualized and data-intensive application performance, engineers balanced the system architecture while unifying storage, I/O and compute resources to create a converged system platform, designed for the needs of virtualized environments, cloud deployments and the most demanding data center and workloads available.

With technologies getting more  intelligent that guides automate taskings and tremendously  improve uptime, HP ProLiant Gen 8 with HP ProActive Insight architecture addresses the top concerns of enterprises. ProLiant now comes with the Intel Xeon E5-2600 processor family which was released last month. During the beta test, it has been noticed that it would take:

  • About 5 months to return on investment (ROI)  also tripling administrators’ productivity.
  • 30 days more for innovation
  • Double the Data Center Capacity

Project Voyager is the third and the current phase of HP’s multiyear transformation plan for the server industry, which first started in November 2011 with Project Moonshot. Project Moonshot changed the way servers are built for extreme-low-energy computing. Project Odyssey, phase two, redefined the future of mission-critical computing. With phase three, Project Voyager, HP automates every aspect of the server life cycle.

With industry-first HP Active Health and HP Insight Online technologies, HP ProLiant Gen8 is the only server that automatically analyses its own health across 1,600 data points. Through self monitoring, self diagnosing and proactive support, clients can resolve unplanned downtime issues faster.

Pricing and Availability:

The new HP Proliant Gen8 platforms Announced today are expected to ship worldwide in late March 2012. Prices will range from $1,723 – $2,878 and vary based on  the required configurations. This includes HP ProLiant ML tower  servers for remote and branch offices and versatile HP ProLiant DL rack-mount servers that deliver a balance of efficiency and performance. Also included are HP ProLiant BL  blade servers for cloud-ready Converged Infrastructure and HP ProLiant SL  scalable system servers built for web, cloud and massively scaled environments.

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