5 Tips to Keep your Smartphone Safe

Posted on March 29, 2012 by Erin Palmer

Smartphones have made communication, delivery of information and the handling of day-to-day tasks easier for millions. However, with the convenience of this new technology comes the responsibility to protect it from potential danger. As with their laptop or computer, people should ensure their Smartphone is secure.


Here are 5 tips to keep your Smartphone safe.

Use a Password or Keylock Code on your Smartphone

For many, the excitement of buying a new smartphone leads to them rushing headlong into using the device rather than taking the time to set up a password or keylock code.  You should set up a screen lock as well as a SIM card lock to guarantee your personal info is safe should you ever lose your phone or if it’s stolen.

Monitor Your Wireless Network

A benefit of most Smartphones is they have wireless capabilities, allowing you to connect to various networks when you’re traveling or running errands. But every time you enable wireless access on your mobile device, there is a potential security risk. One easy method to mitigate this risk is to switch off a wireless connection when you’re not using it. This should ensure cyber criminals cannot access your device without you knowing it.

Another security measure is to access and change your phone’s network security settings when you first purchase it.  Many phones are set to automatically connect when in range of a hot spot, so by turning this feature off, you are minimizing a major threat risk.

Back Up Your Data

Smartphones are becoming our digital catchalls, containing communications with others, contact information, photos, files and a plethora of other data. Many don’t think to do it, but backing up your phone is as vital as backing up your computer’s hard drive.

Most smartphones have the ability to synchronize with either a computer or virtual desktop in order to back up data. More companies are offering automatic backup in addition to security features offered. This is great for those who forget to manually back up data.

Be Careful with Smartphone Apps

Mobile apps make a lot of people happy. They are the smartphone equivalent of adding sprinkles, cookie pieces and cherries to your ice cream sundae. But as fun as apps are, they can pose potential risk to vulnerable data. Before installing, make sure you thoroughly research the company behind the app and ask other users for their opinions on performance and safety. Also, beware of any app that asks for access to personal information or to message your contact list with special offers. This should be a red flag and downloading should be avoided.

Utilize Smartphone Security Software

To really be safe and protect your mobile data you can utilize some form of encryption software. Most smartphones offer this type of platform. Encrypted data requires a code in order to be viewed or copied. This applies to files as well as bank information and passwords.

Remember to be smart with yourSmartphone and make sure you take every precaution to prevent a data disaster. Do you have any phone data horror stories or tips to share? Let us know in the comments.

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