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Posted on March 26, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

It has been about 3 weeks after Apple introduced The new iPad and last week they hit the retail stores in the U.S. However, However,  like most of the other Apple products, the new iPad has come up with some problems more or else similar to the other products released from Apple. With some problems creeping up, Apple has not failed to impress users to a great extent. Here are some common problems that the iPad users are facing currently.


1.  Overheating Problem

According to the latest Reports, the new iPad is around 9.6 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the iPad 2. Complaints are flowing into the Apple forums from users all around U.S  about the new iPad being overheating quickly. This is due to the PowerVR SGX543MP4 GPU and its Retina Display.  The pixel-full display has a major role to play in the overheating of the new iPad. More pixels means the GPU is over-working hence generating added heat. Also, The A5X SoC is quite a bit larger than A5. This problem is more or less similar to the problems faced by Galaxy S II users as even they faced heating problems.

2. Poor Battery Life

Although the new iPad has got a 42.5whr battery, which is capable enough to power the device [Including Retina Display, 4G LTE baseband, Quad-GPU] for up to 9 hours, there are users reporting poor battery life. According to the reports, new iPad is capable of charging itself for 1 hour extra even after the device is fully charged which helps in increasing the battery life. Continous gaming and watching videos plays a more role in reducing the battery life drastically.

If you have not yet removed the iPad from the box, using up all the battery before charging the iPad might help you to some extent. TechnoMike Told:

“Do not charge it, use all the battery until it reach 0%, completely dead. Freshly charge the iPad and that should do the trick.” 


3. Has a Poor WiFi Reception

The Apple forums have also received complaints regarding poor WiFi reception. Actually the new iPad has got two-third of the signal strength as compared to the iPad 2.  Some users are surprised with the drop in WiFi Signal after using it for a while. The new iPad predecessors also faced similar WiFi problems and only thing users can do is to hope that the next iOS update would fix this issue.


4. Has got Heavier Apps

Due to the Retina Display, all the apps optimized for the tablet would be up to 5 times more than its predecessors. Nothing much can be done about this. Only thing that can be done is  to buy a higher capacity variant of the iPad as there is no other alternative.

Honestly, I don’t anticipate any of the aloft issues are absolutely a deal breaker for the new iPad owners. Ultimately, iPad users will get used to the device heating up problems one or the other day. Regarding the Wi-Fi  issue, that is something to be considered in the future iOS update.


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