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Posted on March 23, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Travel can be confusing and costly and even more-so when there’s no tour guide in sight. Luckily, smartphone users can choose from a variety of apps to make the transition a little easier. Whether the goal is simply to get from point A to point B, or consumers are already at their destination and simply need recommendations for eating out or spending time, these apps can help. The tops travel apps are highly recommended in multiple smartphone app stores.

No reputable list of travel apps would forget to include Google Maps. Available on all Android phones and with limited features on BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows phones, this GPS app has a plethora of features. Users can look up local restaurants and get directions by public transportation, car or foot. Google Maps includes business information such as phone numbers and reviews on Android devices and its offline mode is perfect when a BlackBerry service outage occurs.

When traveling in foreign countries, nothing can be more embarrassing than communication mishaps. FancyTran on the BlackBerry App World uses Bing and Google’s translation engines to translate over 60 languages. This app includes a text-to-speech output and recognizes speech on multiple languages. BlackBerry users can download FancyTran for free.

Local Gas Prices is an app for iOS devices like the iPhone. Users can look up gas prices in the United States and Canada to find gas stations with the lowest prices. With the rising price of gasoline, this app is a savior when it comes to planning a trip. Android and Apple users have a comparable, free options, too. GasBuddy not only shows the cheapest prices, but it also rewards users who report prices with points and weekly gas card giveaways.

Popular currency and translation website has released an app for BlackBerry that allows users to convert between currencies. Xe’s currency app converts currency with up-to-the-minute updates. Available on the Android Market, FXware Currency Guide costs just $1. This app also includes a tip calculator feature for users who are dining out.

Before consumers can leave a tip, they have to be able to find a place to enjoy a meal, and UrbanSpoon is a free app that allows exactly that. BlackBerry and Apple users can download this app to their device relies upon GPS locations and user ratings to suggest local restaurants. Users can also view recommendations from friends or make reservations.

Just imagine that you visit a Place where you have never been before. In such circumstances nothing gets worse than not being able to ask for directions from a localite. Navita Translator makes the job easy for you. It helps you translate any phrase and even read out the lineback to you. It supports various languages some of which include English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Russian.


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