How To Download Torrent Files On Mobiles

Posted on March 21, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

How to Download Torrent on Mobile Phones

Here is a detailed Guide on How to Download Torrent on Mobile Phones. Most of you who love watching movies on mobiles or your smartphone device might be wondering actually this can done. This doesn’t involve any complications and can be done without any fuss. All you need to know is which Torrent client is best for the mobile that you use. There are different Torrent downloading apps for different mobile platforms – Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian. Its important that you get the best Torrent client on your mobile so that you download torrent files smoothly. Here are a few of them that will help you download Torrents on your cellphone on the go. I have mentioned a few of them. You can always list out others if any through the comments section.

How To Download torrents on a Symbian Phone:

Symtorrent is by far the best torrent client which is used by many users to download torrent files on their Symbian Sets.  This is an app that can be used to download torrents on Symbian V3 and V5 phones.You can download it from here.

All you need to do is to add the Torrent File after which Symtorrent will look for seeders and the download process will begin in a while.


Download Torrent on Mobile Phones


WizBit is another such torrent client which facilitates torrent download on Symbian Phones. Developed on Python, WizBit is a BitTorrent client for Symbian S60 phones like Nokia N70, N80, N91,etc. Download it from here.


Wizbit Torrent Download


How To Download torrent on a Java Phone:

In Java mobiles, Torrent files can be downloaded using MTorrent. Download it from here. All you need to do it to download the app and add the torrents for download. Quite Simple.


How To Download torrent on Android Phone:

Android holds an edge over Symbian and Java as on Android you can expect many applications which helps in downloading torrents. That is why Android is leading the pack of Smartphone Platform at the moment. Some of the popular torrent downloading application for Android phones are:








tTorrent Lite



I haven’t given any sort of description for the Android based Torrent Clients as all of them work equally good. Of course, µtorrent which is quite reputed holds an edge over the others. Anyways, you can always try out some of them and choose which you feel is the best.


How To Download torrent on a Windows Phone:



wmTorrent, also know as WinMobile Torrent is considered the best torrent client for downloading torrent files on Windows Mobile. It comes with advanced features that can be found in the PC based torrent clients.

wmTorrent supports:

  • DHT (trackerless torrent)
  • PEX (Peer Exchange)
  • plain text
  • RC4 Protocol Encryption
  • HTTP Seeding
  • Torrent extensions

Do let us know if you have come across any other ways using which Torrent downloading on cell phones can be made easy.

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  1. sandeep bhadke says

    i lesten that nokia n70 handset(java) , can turn in to android mobile. from sam system of online serveces. also freee . how i do this. my frind do it but i cant. what to do
    plz help me.

    • Hello,

      Your friend might just be using a Android theme. There is no way to convert your Nokia phone to Android. If so, ask your friend how did he do it so that even you are benefited from the same.

  2. do we have any other app for windows phone because wmtorrent dosent work with windows phone 8 or 7

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