How to Run Turbo C++ In Full-Screen on Windows 7 / Vista

Posted on March 19, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Turbo C is an one of the essential coding application in every software developer’s life. It is one of the most crucial elements in coding a software or any other application. Here is a detailed procedure on How to Install Turbo C++ In Full-Screen in Windows 7 or Windows Vista without facing any kind of problems. Although looks complicated, this is really simple. All you need to do is follow the below steps carefully. [Duration: 10-20 minutes]

Step 1:

First download Turbo C++ from here

Extract TC into C drive. [c:\TC, so that the exe file is present in the order TC>BIN>TC.exe]

DOSBox is the application to be used to run the Turbo C++ in full screen mode in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Download DOSBox from here.


Step 2:

After you install both Turbo C and DOSBox, Run the DOSBox.

Type the following commands in the command prompt:

mount d c:\

Now you will see the message – “Drive D is mounted as a local directory c:


In the command Prompt, type “d:” to go to the directory of D drive.

Then enter the following commands:

cd tc

cd bin

Now, Turbo C++ 3.0 will start.

Step 3:

Note: This is very important!!!

In Turbo C++, go to Options>Directories>Change Directories and change the source of TC to the source directory D: ( The virtual D: is reference to the original c:\TC)
If you have chosen the path as done by me, then make the following modifications:

Include Directories


Library Directories


Output Directory

D:  (or can be left blank)

Source Directory

D: (or can be left blank)




The shortcut key for Full Screen is  ALT + Enter and not  CTRL + F9 to run and execute programs like in the normal Turbo Editor.

So, now to being Turbo C quickly everytime you need it, here is a shortcut that you can implement.

Go to C:\>Program Files>DosBox-0.74>DOSBox 0.74 Options

Edit it using notepad and paste the following code at the end of the file:

Turbo C will load automatically whenever you open the DOSBox 0.74.exe from now on.


If your Keyboard and Mouse stops responding in full screen mode, then Go to the configuration file and search for “fullscreen” and change the values:



Some FAQs

  • I have changed all the directory settings, still the program is not executing properly as header files are not being recognized. What Shall I do?
  • After getting into D: on the fourth line of Step 2, when I type cd tc, I get the message ”UNABLE TO CHANGE TO: TC”. What Shall I do?
  • Encounter error statement “UNABLE TO INCLUDE FILE STDIO.H”, even though I have given the correct path to include the directories. What Shall I do?
  • Some of my keyboard keys that works with AltGr are not functioning as a result of which i am unable to use symbols such as {}, etc. What Shall I do?

In case you face the above mentioned or any other  problems relating to DOSBox Installation, then just ignore the above steps and Download TurboC Simulator 1.6.5  and install it. It’s a simple one bang band-aid to download and install Turbo C in Windows 7.

Do Let me know in case you face any problems during installation!


About Nikhil P Naik

Nikhil Naik has a Master's Degree in Information Systems, and is currently working as a Software Engineer at Microsoft. He also loves playing cricket, listening to music, and traveling. Twitter Handle - @buzz_nikhil.


  1. Venkataramanan C.S says

    I am executing TurboC in Windows7, using the above steps, but when I run the program in full screen, I’m unable to use keyboard or mouse. System just hangs. What can I do?

  2. Venkataramanan says

    Hi Nikhil,
    Reposting as an error message was flashed. Can you please clarify on where should I enter the above statements. Either in config.sys or autoexec.bat.

    • UdayaKumar says

      Hi Venkataramanan ,
      Go to Start–>All Programs–>DOSbox 0.74–>options–>Dos Box 0.74 options
      It will open a notepad naming “dosbox-0.74.conf.txt” a notepad file.
      Find “Ctrl+f” Fullscreen ,you would find it fullscreen=false
      fulldouble=false . convert both false into true.

  3. UdayaKumar says

    Hi nikhil p naik,Thanks for valuable information. Its Working.

  4. sachin tyagi says

    sir program is compiling but output screen comes totally black… output is shown………..plz give any solution……

    • Hello Sachin,

      Does the screen appear black and disappears or stays black till you press a key?

      • Hi Nikhil,

        I did all the changes, but when I am compiling in full screen, the screen disappears. Please help.

      • Hello Nihikil,
        Farhan here. Just wanted ur help. I havent downloaded the dosbox. But, i have Turbo C++ IDE. i took it through a thumbdrive from my teacher. I didnt have to install. He told me just to drag the whole thing to c-drive. So, now i go to BIN and then to TC butwhen I open it….exactly what u said happens. A BLACK screen appears for a second and dissapears. Please help me out. How do i fix it?

  5. the header files are not recognised…what should i do!?

  6. “Turbo C++ is a very essential part in every software developer’s life.”

    That is not true. That has not been true for a very long time. Turbo C++ dates from before C++ was standardised. It’s over two decades old. If you use it, you don’t learn C++. You learn some mutant ancestor of C++. There are new, correct C++ compilers available for free. I appreciate that many schools in Asia teach using this ancient tool. It’s insane. Why do you accept it? If people are paying a fortune for this education, why are they happy to learn incorrect, wrong C++ that generally won’t even compile on a correct, modern system?


    article is very informative…..also expecting articles on Facebook access if it is blocked ?

  8. hi nikhil
    my first ques is why we have to go through all these steps to work with turbo c++???? why we have to use DOSBox??
    also I have gone through all these steps and i am not able to run the program. It does not load header files.
    Please reply fast. Thank u in advance

    • now i am able to run the program and output is displayed but it is displayeit possible.d on the same promt of DOSBox. I want the output on different prompt ( diff screen) for my college projects.
      Is it possible. plz reply fast. It is urgent

    • Hello,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I was out for some time. Turbo c++ was originally designed for windows xp, 98 and older versions of windows. Dosbox is an emulator that makes it possible to run turbo c++ software in Windows Vista, 7 and later versions. It is used only to make a software compatible with the latest version of windows.

      The reason for header files not loading is that you have not specified the directories properly. Please make sure that you have followed the step 3 properly.

  9. sachin kumar says

    hey friend after reading this article i’ll also run dosbox in fullscreen mode and my keyboard is also work thanks bro for helping us thnks……………

  10. sir ji jese hi esko compile karte he to ho jata he but esko run karne par dosbox close ho jata plz solustion get me ..

  11. abhinit ranjan says

    working fine for windows 7
    thanx buddy
    gud work

  12. I am not able to type ” character. Please help. I am using Windows Vista.

  13. i followed all the steps given
    but when i open dosbox again i got this error ” you are still on drive z : change to mounted drive with c” ….plz help

  14. I m very thankful to you sir!!! The article helped me a lot and i was able to execute my graphics related programs in full screen mode which were previously not possible in small screen…Thanks a lot. Sir i am expecting your help for OS UBUNTU. Please let me know if you are working on it.

  15. my problem in mine is it cannot open iostream.h and conio.h and the int main. the whole program is in my flashdrive what is the problem??

  16. no need of dos box and boring commands just download emulated c++ and run

    njoy happy coding


  17. vipul wakkar says

    bro, can you help me change that run key to ctrl + f9 ! i need it that way

  18. Dushyant says

    In dosbox while working in c++ mouse stops working. I have to save the program and open c++ again to make the mouse work. Please help it is very irritating.

  19. I donot understand the use of [sdl] and [dos].However even after changing the values of fullscreen and fulldouble in dosbox options mouse still stops working completly after sometime. 🙁

  20. I have this small clarification. Everything works fine for me in dosbox however I would like to have the output screen more maximized. Its in fullscreen but is there anyway I could increase the width since the output comes out in a limited center of the screen. (Is there anything I could do with fullresolution, windowsresolution or output in the Dosbox options for the above problem???)

  21. it’s not showing my output

  22. ” Turbo c++ was originally designed for windows xp, 98 and older versions of windows.”

    Not quite. Turbo C++ was made for no version of windows at all. It was made for 16 bit DOS somewhere around 25 years ago. Today, it is only used to teach people in mostly Indian schools how to be a programmer 25 years ago. This causes obvious problems when they try to work as a programmer in the 21st century 🙁

  23. Atul Balaji says

    I am getting an output problem. every time i click the Run in the Run option bar, something happens for a fraction of a second, and then I am unable to view the output. any suggestions on how to solve this?

  24. Tim Askew says

    After running a program, mouse stops working in turbo c++ 3. is this problem insurmountable? ( in turbo c++ for windows 7 by neutron)

  25. PRABHA NAIK says

    In dosbox while working in c++ mouse stops working. I have to save the program and open c++ again to make the mouse work. Please help

  26. Rishabh Raj says

    sir , after running a c++ program my cursor moves but doesnt function on click….. i am using turbo c++ on windows 8.1 …. please reply how to solve this problem….. thanks

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