Top Plagiarism Checker Tools for Bloggers and Content Writers

Posted on July 8, 2021 by Nikhil P Naik

Blogging and content writing is a creative task. Bloggers and content writers have the most creative minds of all. They are able to write about any topic anytime. But what if they copy someone’s idea? What if they start plagiarizing the content?

The creative part will skip and the stealing part will come in the way. If anyone copies other’s ideas or content, the spark in the writing will vanish away. Plagiarism can be a serious problem for writers. Writers may face penalties as a result of plagiarism. To reduce this threat, you can use online plagiarism checker tools to check and verify your content for plagiarism. Plagiarism checkers are online tools that provide plagiarism checking facilities to all users. A number of tools are present online providing this facility.

Some of the best plagiarism checker tools are:

It is one of the best online and free plagiarism checker tools. It is a tool with advanced algorithms to find the best matches for your content.

It checks the archived thesis, different web pages, and online-available data to check and verify your content.

After the plagiarism detection, it provides links to the copied websites and also provides an option to cite your sources.

This tool can check plagiarism in more than 4 different languages. It also provides a diverse word count plagiarism check for different types of users.

This tool is much handy to use and easy to operate. What it does is scan your document and compares it with an online database and content present on the internet.

It is a free tool for every user. It helps users do several tasks like finding duplicate content and sourcing the data.

It also provides a report download facility. It supports all types of file extensions:

  • DOC
  • DOCX
  • TXT
  • PDF

It also provides the result with a percentage. You can check the percentage of unique and duplicate content.

You can check 1000 words on this tool for the time being. It also provides source links to check for the original site and content.

This online plagiarism checker is fast and accurate in results. It checks plagiarism and provides results in seconds.

It provides you the facility to check plagiarism in 5 different files at the same time. It is a safe tool as it does not save your data for further use. Due to this, your data is saved from being stolen or copied.

It compares the content with online material. You can compare the results with any of the matched URLs. It compares them in real-time.

Users have shown a good and positive response about this online plagiarism checking tool.

You can check 10000-15000 words per search for free and if you go for a premium, it provides an unlimited word count plagiarism check.

Total assignment help

It is an online tool that helps you detect plagiarism in your content. You can check plagiarism in your content by uploading a file from your personal storage.

You then have to provide your e-mail and it will provide you the plagiarism checking results. It has the most improved algorithms. 

It allows you to check for an unlimited word count with 100% authentic results. It provides full-time privacy of your data. It is a free online tool with all these facilities and abilities.

This plagiarism checker has a very rich database like no one else has. It provides Millions of websites with Billions of web pages to search and compare from.

Paperrater also provides a plagiarism checker for free. This online tool is much efficient in detecting plagiarism.

It uses the most advanced algorithms to detect plagiarism in your content. It checks for the online sources and thesis to verify your content.

To check plagiarism, paste your data in the text box or upload the file and click the button “Get Report”

It has detected no plagiarism and your content is now ready to upload. Checking plagiarism in your content was never this easy.

Plagiarism detection is just a click away from you.


These tools are much accurate in detecting copied work. The first try of a writer must be to write his content completely original.

Original content will have fewer chances of plagiarism. And if any plagiarism is found, it would be accidental.

Be original, copy less, and try to write your own.

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