6 Innovative ways to Elevate Your Customer Experience

Posted on June 4, 2021 by Nikhil P Naik

According to a study conducted by American Express, 86% of customers confirmed that they were willing to pay more for a better experience. Yes, the customer is king. You might have high-quality products and competitive prices. Still, if you don’t have a good customer experience (CX), you will struggle to sell more. So, what goes into providing the best customer experience? Here are proven ways through which the customer experience you provide can stand out.

Utilize social media 

According to a report by GlobalWebIndex, 37% of social media users have visited a brand’s social media page. Out of those, 36% have followed or liked the brand’s page. Given the statistics, you can see that social media provides a great opportunity for your brand to interact with customers or potential clients. You can use social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Telegram, among others, to share exciting and brand-related relevant content. You can also provide advertisements and discounts and showcase relevant news about your business on your social media handles. 

Additionally, social media allows you to engage your customers in real-time. You will have an opportunity to take direct feedback on your products from the customers and respond accordingly. Social media has made it possible for you to interact with customers and humanize your brand. This can be done through informal and casual discussions around your brand and product for more awareness. 

Train your customer care team 

Your customer care team is the face of your brand that customers interact with at first. They act as a lasting first impression of your brand. Hence, you should make a point of equipping them with the best customer experience knowledge and skills relevant for marketing your brand. Conducting regular training for your staff will help your team deliver the customer experience that will keep them coming back. For your team to have great customer experience knowledge, they ought to: 

  • Have in-depth product knowledge: your team should have an understanding of your business and products. This knowledge is at the core of dealing with customers. Imagine selling a product whose merits you cannot describe? That will certainly keep off the customers and bring losses. 
  • Develop soft skills: Fostering effective communication skills should be an integral part of your company’s values. You need to equip your customer care team with such etiquette as patience, empathy, and understanding. These skills will help your team learn customer problems and solve them better and faster. They can personalize conversations with customers and make them that your company cares. 
Create self-service options 

Self-service options give your customers the means to become proactive in seeking solutions. You should empower your customers to find answers or solutions to their questions on their own. Offering self-service options is one of the innovative ways to empower clients or customers to conduct their activities with your business at their greatest convenience. This means that they feel like they are part of your business even without necessarily having to visit your business premises in person. It means that the customers will only reach out to your team for assistance in the most engaging and difficult affairs that require their input. The advantages of self-service options for your company include: 

  • Helping save time and money. Using solutions like a self-care portal, your clients can locate the information they need more quickly
  • It expands customers’ knowledge and gives them the tools they require for solving other similar issues in the future. 
  • Intuitive self-service options strengthen your brand’s reputation by creating positive client interactions. 

Once you empower your customers to solve challenges by themselves, you make them more engaged with your brand. This will give them a sense of ownership, and that will create the required loyalty. 

Seek help! 

The most crucial thing you want to do is enhance your brand’s value and overall experience. You can’t do everything on your own. Why not seek help from other professionals and partners? You can work with a customer experience consultant to help boost your overall CX performance. A consultant will help craft contact center programs to scale up your overall Customer Experience. They can also review your CX strategy, spotting any areas that might need improvement and much more. 

Embrace customer feedback 

You need to ask yourself how you get to know that your efforts are getting your expected results as you strive to boost the experience. One way of doing so is collecting, analyzing, and implementing customer feedback to improve their experience. You should choose the right communication channels to connect with your customers and gather actionable feedback. These include live chat, in-app, or chatbots. Here are some benefits of asking for feedback: 

  • With feedback and opinions, you ensure that the end product will meet the customers’ expectations, solve their problems and fulfill their needs
  • While collecting feedback, you get to show that your customers’ opinions are valuable and that they matter to your brand-customer relationship. 
  • Listening to your customers’ comments helps in accessing client satisfaction and provides opportunities for sales conversions.
Keep your brand messaging clear

One practical way to improve your customer experience is to check your brand message to ensure that it is clear. It requires that your copy has an underlying value proposition and coherent language and aligns with your brand. A good and clear brand message will: 

  • Communicate what services or products your company sells 
  • Ensure that the value proposition can convey what your company does or sells and how that can impact lives positively. 

Clear brand messaging will help your audience get the correct information about your selling product. It also helps your customers relate to your brand because it is persuasive and sticky. 

Wrap up

Well, this is no exaggeration as the success of your company will depend highly on your customers. You may have killer products and services, but without a great customer experience, you might end up with losses. That is why you need to consider improving your customer experience in your company. Work internally and seek partners and professional help to elevate your overall CX. 

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