8 Facts About iPhones That’ll Surprise You

Posted on April 7, 2021 by Nikhil P Naik

Can you believe that it’s been almost 15 years since Steve Jobs first introduced the Apple iPhone to the world?

The initial iPhone made a huge splash in the smartphone space, and it set the tone for all the iPhones that would come after it. Today, the iPhone is easily the most popular smartphone on the market.

Are you thinking about buying an iPhone? Before you do, you should learn all about iPhones to make sure it’s going to be a good fit for you. You should also learn some facts about iPhones so that you can familiarize yourself with the iPhone further.

Here are eight interesting iPhone facts that you might not know about one of the best Apple creations of all time.

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1. Apple Didn’t Actually Release the First iPhone Ever

When you hear the word “iPhone,” there is a good chance that you automatically associate it with Apple. But the truth is that there was a different company that released an iPhone before Apple did.

Way back in 1998, a company called InfoGear Technology Corporation put out their InfoGear iPhone. That company was later purchased by Cisco Systems, and they actually sued Apple for running with the name iPhone.

Apple and Cisco eventually settled the dispute over the iPhone name.

2. The “i” in iPhone Has Several Special Meanings

Over the years, a lot of people have wondered what the “i” in iPhone—as well as the “i” in iPod, iPad, etc.—means. And as it turns out, it has several special meanings.

On the most basic level, the “i” in Apple products has always been used to mean “internet.” But Steve Jobs once explained that it’s also supposed to mean everything from “inspire” to “instruct” to “individual” to “inform.”

3. Apple Designers Created the iPad Before Creating the iPhone

The first Apple iPad didn’t come out until about 3 years after the first iPhone. But you might be interested to know that the iPad was actually created prior to the iPhone’s existence.

Steve Jobs asked his designers at Apple to tinker around with the idea of integrating touchscreens into tablet computers. That led to them putting together plans for what would later become the iPad.

But once Jobs saw what his designers had come up with, he thought that it might have more appeal as a smartphone. So he had them shrink it down to size so that it could be used as a phone. That led to the creation of the first iPhone.

4. Apple Spent $150 Million Developing the First iPhone

While it didn’t take long for Apple designers to come up with a general idea of what the first iPhone would look and feel like it, it wasn’t developed overnight. It took more than two years for the plans for the iPhone to come together.

During that time, Apple spent about $150 million developing it. They also teamed up with AT&T to bring the iPhone to life, which is why the first iPhone was only available through AT&T.

You can, however, use the iPhone through any number of carriers now. You can also figure out how to unlock an iPhone that was purchased through a specific carrier if you would like.

5. Apple Had an Interesting Codename for the iPhone

While Apple was in the process of developing the first iPhone, they—of course!—did everything in their power to keep it under wraps. There were only a few people in Cupertino, California who knew what Steve Jobs and his team were working on.

To further keep their secret safe, Jobs & Co. also came up with an interesting codename for the iPhone. They referred to it as “Project Purple 2.”

6. The Time Always Reads 9:41 on iPhones Used in Advertisements for a Reason

If you look at a photo of an iPhone that’s being used for advertising purposes, you’ll notice that it always has the time 9:41 on it. And this isn’t just some great big coincidence!

Apple has been putting the time 9:41 on their iPhone photos since the very beginning—and it’s for a good reason.

Whenever Apple puts out a new product, they announce it during a big press conference. That press conference is scheduled for 9 a.m., and it includes about 40 minutes worth of other announcements before Apple’s big reveal. That means that new iPhones are always unveiled at—you guessed it—9:41.

7. The iPhone Has Turned Into Apple’s Most Profitable Product

If the iPhone went away tomorrow, Apple wouldn’t go broke anytime soon. They obviously have a handful of products that help them bring in the big bucks each and every year.

But the iPhone is easily the most profitable product in the Apple lineup. It accounts for about 55% of Apple’s total sales and accounts for nearly 20% of the company’s annual revenue.

8. There Are Almost 1 Billion iPhones Used in the World Today

Of all the facts about iPhones listed here, this one might just be the most impressive of all!

Even though the iPhone hasn’t been around for that long in the grand scheme of things, it has taken over the world, quite literally. As of right now, Apple estimates that there are almost 1 billion iPhones out in the wild.

And that number could go up even more in the years to come. With the iPhone 13 right around the corner, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see more iPhones than that in the world soon.

These Facts About iPhones Are All Amazing. You could argue that almost all of Apple’s products are going to go down in history to some degree. But none have changed the world quite like the iPhone has. The facts about iPhones that we’ve run through here really help to put the significance of the smartphone into the proper perspective. They shed some light on how far the phone has come and on how much more it could grow in the future.

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