MacBook vs Windows: Here’s why people switch to Mac

Posted on December 4, 2020 by Nikhil P Naik

The boomer debate on who is better than whom when it came to the world of PCs and MacBook’s is not at all new, given that you keep yourself updated about novel gadgets and technology. The triggering thought of switching from PC to Mac is a common desire most of us tend to deny. Most of us restrict ourselves from switching to Mac because of the economic quotient. There is reluctance in copying or sending files across devices, since several sets of files and data need to be recreated.

Has The 2020 MacBook Pro changed the scene for Mac in the age-old debate?


With the recent surge in technological advances, such laidback issues like the ones mentioned above do not seem much of a hassle anymore. In fact, it can be rightly described as an ever-evolving process. For example, the – 2020 MacBook Pro has set steps into the market with tons of newer and improved features. Keeping aside the Magic Keyboard, the 10th gen Intel i5 core processor with an option to upgrade it to i7 along with quad-core CPUs is a great advancement that Apple made in the year 2020. Nonetheless, people do fear making such a commitment, yet there is no effect on Apple’s sale and fame amongst tech-heads. Listed below are a few reasons why people tend to switch from Windows to macOS: 

  • Fantastic Operating System (MacOS X) OS X for MacBook was the ultimate move that Apple could have possibly taken. This is Apple’s first Operating System which has been designed to function on any device. macOS was so far beyond PC’s or Linux’s reach until OSX  came into the business, breaking all norms and working on all machines. Now, Mac owners do not have to worry about the rigidity in the selection of the operating system. As it is Mac has a super-fast processor, and now after getting backed by such fantastic OS, Mac is all set to rule the market.
  • Windows? Welcome! – MacBook’s have been developed to run with any Windows functions very easily now with the use of the ‘virtual machines’ feature. The same cannot happen for PC while using OS X applications. One can easily use Windows run programs on PC, but Mac can run both. Mac will now feature both OS and the users can freely use the machine with comfort. 
  • Easy to carry around – Not just portability, MacBook’s are also known for their strong network security systems. Mac users have always spoken highly about how smartly their devices function, and that Apple is still the best gadget available in the market. Its sleek design and swift package makes the user’s movement with the device hassle-free. It is light weighted, so you can carry it in your arms easily. It is compact and precise, but that does not mean that the users face problems in viewing stuff.
  • The Mac Mini Story – The introduction of MacBook Minis worked as the icing on the cake in the league to revamp the desk area. MacBook’s only take up 1/4th of the desk space; there is no giant processor making weird ‘let me ruin your day’ noise. It works fine with all sorts of plug-ins including mouse and keyboard plugs, even your existing monitors. Apple’s Mac Mini  is already taking leads in gaining favour from the users’ market. People are buying the device out of fascination over the requirement. Furthermore, it looks super cool. It is not as big as a PC or as small as a Tablet, but its unique size makes it look user-friendly in nature. 
  • A perfect sleep mode – One might think that the screensaver and battery consumption report are the two most important aspects of a PC. But we feel it is not. ‘Sleep Mode’ is also equally important, and Apple just cranked it up a notch in its new Mac. Apple computers could, as it is, put down to sleep easily. However, PC takes quite some time to turn on and off. This wait is something many people genuinely dislike. Windows often tend to develop operational issues and glitches in the system due to force shutdowns of use of sleep mode. Opposing to that, Apples stand almost no chance for such drawbacks like machine hanging or system breakdown. Even though Windows has been trying to fix this glitch for an exceptionally long time now, it has only failed. 

Keep in mind that this list was not made to change the perspective of PC lovers. It only aims at throwing light on the whole fuss about Mac vs. PC and why should people consider shifting to MacOS from Windows.

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