5 Simple Ways to Prevent Loss of Data in Microsoft 365

Posted on November 15, 2020 by Nikhil P Naik

Every business is likely to use Microsoft 365 on their computers and handheld devices. Although Microsoft is a trusted and well-known brand and does all it can to promote safety, there are still ways you should look at preventing loss of data within Microsoft 365. Here are 5 simple ways to help keep your data safe.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is now used by many large software companies to add another layer of encryption to all devices. Two passwords are safer than one and provide an extra layer for hackers to have to get through. Enabling this on all devices will provide the safest protection and help protect loss of data. Just be sure to secure your handheld devices to ensure that nobody can get through this two-factor authentication. 

Secure All Handheld Devices

Since we often make use of tablets and smartphones in business, we need to take as much care at securing these as we would our computers. Within Microsoft 365, there are options to permit or restrict device access and the option to remove all data from a handheld device if this becomes stolen or lost. If you want to take the security one step further, you can utilize the services from IT experts like Evolvtec. They can help your business with preventing loss of data in Microsoft 365 and beyond.  

Encrypt Important Emails

Emails are a high priority on a hackers list and if they aren’t encrypted, confidential and sensitive information can be discovered and leaked in a matter of minutes. If you want to shield customers and yourself from loss of data, be sure to encrypt all important emails that are coming from a business or personal email account. Click here for the 10 best email encryption software options for your business. 

Use Session Timeout

Session timeouts are an easy and safe way to ensure quick logout in the event that you or an employee forgets to sign out of their computer or handheld device before leaving the room. When someone remains logged in, anyone in a close vicinity could access that system and discover crucial data. This should be applied to email accounts, as well as personal logins. This means that even if a hacker accesses a company workstation, they will be unable to get into any files. Be sure that your passwords differ for each service.  

Utilize Policy Notifications

Microsoft 365 want to keep your data safe and so they have set up handy reminders for yourself and employees. Enabling these policy notifications ensures that you and your staff are informed and educated on the safest way to share data. For instance, reminders may come up when trying to send an email to someone outside of the business network, reminding you of the dangers of sending any personal or confidential information to users who aren’t in your contacts. This could be a useful reminder to encrypt emails and ensure the email address is correct before proceeding. 

These 5 simple tips can help keep your data safe while using Microsoft 365.  

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