Tips for Gamers in the 21st Century

Posted on October 31, 2018 by Nikhil P Naik

If you are a gaming junkie, as most of us are these days, you may be having the time of your life and enjoying every moment spent ‘in character.’ However, even though most psychologists say that gaming can have a positive impact on the development of many educational skills, that is taking into consideration that you have other interests in your life. With so many games and gaming systems on the market, isn’t it about time that you step back and look at gaming in the 21st century? Here are a few tips for gamers to bring you back to the real world, in real time.

Gaming Can Help with Mental Acuity

One of the surprising elements of gaming to extremes is that we start to see everything as something we can control with the click of a mouse or a pull on the controller. Life isn’t like that and there are some things which can’t be controlled like that. Research has authenticated that those who played Tetris for a few hours a day kept seeing patterns of blocks long after they walked away from the game. Tetris, as you know, is that classic game of first generation gamers and has been renewed in a new form in 2018.

From Better Cognition to Altered Reality

People have begun to see patterns in products lined on shelves in grocery stores, or books in the library and so forth. There are times when these newly opened neural pathways in the brain promote better cognition, but other times, and with other games, this is not such a good thing. You can’t, for example, bump a driver off the road to get past them as you can in a game and when someone angers you, you can’t take out a gun and shoot them.

There has also been documented evidence that some players have begun to see life like their favorite game and have committed crimes because that’s how their brains were ‘programmed’ to react in a given situation. Please note that these instances are extremely rare, but it can happen when the addiction is extreme. And yes, it’s on the player, not the game!

Learning to Control the Game in the Real World

Perhaps this is why escape rooms have become so popular. These are much like those digital games you play where you have to solve puzzles, usually a kidnapping mystery, but the players are all live people locked in a room for an hour. They are given clues and the team must work together to find the ‘who done it.’ Some of the best advice ever given to avid gamers is to play some real life games so that you learn to control life in the real world. Do you live in Ohio? Check out some an interesting escape room Columbus to see how you can be that player you see on screen, only it will be the real you in a real room with other real players.

What all this boils down to is the fact that gaming is, indeed, good for you to some extent but like anything else in life, it can go to extremes if you let it. By all means, spend time playing your favorite online games or with that new PS4 you just bought, but do play real games in the real world. Just remember, you can’t knock them out of play if you don’t like their moves! All joking aside, balance online gaming with real world activities and you’ll be so much better at those online games when you next pick up the controller. It’s a fact.

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