What Affects Your Internet Speed [Infographic]

Posted on December 28, 2017 by Nikhil P Naik

This is the twentieth century, and let’s be honest here, we’ve all come to expect fast internet speeds for our daily online activities. A lot of what we do involves being online – whether it is sending files online, entertaining yourself, video conferencing with family or for work or even accessing social media to keep in touch with friends and family.

But it can get quite frustrating when you are trying to watch a movie over the weekend, or are unwinding watching your favorite TV show, or simply trying to transfer data for work.  If you suddenly find yourself staring at a screen that seems to be taking its own sweet time loading, then its time you took a closer look at what could be wrong.

There are many factors that could cause slow internet speeds, and this infographic created by bluegadgettooth.com clearly lays out the top ten reasons why.

With factors ranging from your device’s compatibility and updated tech, to being wired vs wireless, these factors that reveal what could slow down your internet speeds, so that you can find the best solution to rectify the problem.

This way you are better informed on what could be the potential reason for your slow speeds, which would help you find the solution faster. In any situation it is good to be well informed, and when it comes to our online experience, isn’t it a good idea to know the basic reasons which could cause your internet speed to slow down?

Being connected online is important for us, so being well informed about what gets us connected and what causes our fast connectivity to face glitches, is a step in the right direction in being a smarter online user.

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