Million-Dollar Digital Real Estate: 6 of the Most Expensive Domains Ever!

Posted on December 15, 2017 by Nikhil P Naik

When it comes to Internet real estate, the sky is the limit. Many opportunists have joined the growing business model of buying and parking domains for capital gains. In essence, this is the practice of registering domain names that the reseller believes may one day be worth so much, that they can make huge profits from its resale.

These businessmen and woman scour the Internet and register multiple domains, such as active companies, celebrities or athletes. In the event one of these entities want their namesake domain, they are charged a huge premium to purchase the rights to use that specific domain.

Though this practice can be very expensive, a few examples exist, of multimillion-dollar buyouts of the rights to a specific, registered domain. These buyouts can allow someone to take up a domain for as little as a few dollars, and turn it into an asset sold for 1000’s of times the initial investment. brings us the list, here are 6 of the biggest domain sales to date.


In 2015, a Chinese software giant purchased for a total of 17 million USD. The purchaser, based out of Beijing, specializes in Internet security software, and has a yearly revenue of 1.4 billion USD. At the time, the 17-million-dollar price tag constituted the largest single domain purchase in china’s history.


In 2009, an Irish marketing and consultancy firm purchased from Rob Raisch, for a cool 18 million USD. Rob Raisch was using the address as the business domain of his internet consultancy business, but sold when the Irish firms offer was, in his words, “an offer he couldn’t refuse.”


In 2012, for was sold for 30.18 million USD. The deal garnered huge media attention and was, at the time, the 2nd highest selling price of any domain in history. The website is used to offer charter private jet services.


Purchased in 2007, by, for 35 million USD. Homeaway’s CEO, Brian Sharpels, states the reason for this purchase was to ensure the domain name didn’t fall into the hands of his competitor, Expedia! At the time, the deal constituted the highest sale price of any domain in history.


Purchased in 2010 for a staggering 35.6 million USD, by Quinstreet Inc. The domain is now a quote comparison site for consumers, to compare and purchase insurance.


Purchased in 2010, just after the sale. Quinstreet Inc purchased for almost 50 million USD (49.7 Million). The domain is used similarly to the domain and is run by the same company.

As more and more people turn to the Internet to purchase their goods and services, the price of prime domains continues to increase. Many people invest huge sums of capital registering hundreds, if not thousands, of domain names, in the hopes of one day hitting it big like the owners who capitalized on the sales mentioned above. Even companies like Apple have fallen victim to prudent registers of domains: Apple didn’t own until very recently and bought it for an undisclosed amount, likely well into the 7-figure range. In the Internet real-estate game, location is everything and buying the right address at the right time can be a multimillion dollar investment.

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