5 Ways to Improve Customer Experience with a Knowledge Base

Posted on May 11, 2017 by Nikhil P Naik

We live in an age where customer experience is one of the major business selling points, and the best way to improve it is with accessible information. By relying on convenience, easy engagement, and content that can be consumed quickly, you improve your prospects of securing greater customer loyalty. All of these aspects of customer support are achievable by implementing knowledge base software. Furthermore, you’ll be able to monitor just how well your content is performing or underperforming.

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With proper use of knowledge base software and other tools it can be integrated with, you can witness the following benefits:

  • Better engagement with the product
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Less complaint tickets
  • More optimized workflow
  • Improved content creation and revision

Here are five ways in which relying on a web-based help desk can help you achieve these results.

Tailored approach towards content

You can start by integrating your customer support software with other analytical tools, which helps you gain useful input related to a customer’s geolocation, firmographics, age, gender and more. With this type of help you can more easily identify your core audience, and focus on creating content that is more relevant to them. This kind of insight allows for a more optimized FAQ page, which ultimately allows your customers to address their issues by simply relying on the information presented on the website.

Furthermore, you can create more meaningful calls to action, and you can upsell and cross sell your product or services with minimal staff interference. If you have an online store that automatically presents the user with contextually relevant content, then your merchandise will sell with minimal personal interaction, giving your staff more time to focus on something else.

Of course, not all of the customer support software tools have the exact same features, so go for those that allow you to personalize customer information (location, previous interaction, account type etc.)

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Faster responses from support team

Remember the time when you had to call customer support and explain your problem, and then they would transfer the call to another support team member and you had to tell the whole story all over again? Moreover that wouldn’t be the end of it, and you would be redirected to yet another person and have to repeat the whole process.

Well this is now a thing of a past that nobody has to put up with any longer. Using the right knowledge base tools, you can create personalized escalation paths which help you dispatch the right support member to fix the problem. This reduces customer queues, allows for a quicker response time, and contributes to a higher resolution rate. It is a perfect approach to gain more customer loyalty and come off as a reliable provider.

Agile adaptation to client expectations

We live in the age of instant gratification, and as a consequence people’s capacity for patience has decreased, so a swift response is more vital than ever. Here are some statistics that reflect this statement.

  • 94% of customers who effortlessly made a purchase, got the service they requested, or resolved an issue, will make future purchases from the same company.
  • 90% of the customer’s claim that reading positive online reviews made a huge impact on their buying decision.
  • 86% of customers stated that negative online reviews had impact on their will to purchase something.
  • 54% of customers share their negative user experience with more than 5 people, and 33% of them shares positive experiences with more than 5 people.
  • Considering that users expect a quick response, an effortless shopping experience, and swift problem resolution, it is crucial that you use the right knowledge base software to cater to these demands.

Your users get a contextually relevant content and shopping experience, they can get in touch with the support team a lot faster, and they can find solutions on their own, or the support team can easily fetch them, and send them to the user.

Content optimisation

Knowledge base software has features that allow you to create superior content that can drive higher engagement. And since users prefer watching over reading, graphics over words, and interactive content over text, you should utilize knowledge base software to aid you in creating this kind of content.

Videos, infographics and interactive content in general are real engagement magnets, and by using knowledge base to measure performance, you will know exactly on which type of content you should focus on.


Call-to-action buttons

When you customers are after solutions or answers to their questions, they are willing to take action in order to resolve them. You can create call-to-action buttons and include them in the answers you provide.

With the use of customer support software, you can create these smart paths for solutions, but also for upselling, and cross-selling. For example if a customer is interested in costs related to extra baggage on the flight, just give them a pathway that leads to a chart with these answers.

This should be more than enough to convince you to make a switch and start using knowledge base management software. It can boost customer engagement and help you with increasing customer satisfaction. Gather data, statistics and knowledge base diagnostics to present them to your superiors and convince them to adopt this new method of work. Once you start implementing these methods, you will definitely see improvement in other business fields as well.

About the Author: Robin is a Technical Support Executive. He is an expert in knowledge management and various Knowledge base tools. Currently, he is a resident knowledge management expert at ProProfs. In his free time, Robin enjoys reading and traveling.

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