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Posted on October 22, 2015 by Nikhil P Naik

If you’re running a business this year, you should already know how vital tech is to the success of your company. But perhaps you’re not quite on the bandwagon just yet, and you need to be given a little nudge. It’s time for all business owners to welcome what new hardware and advanced technology can offer their company. It’s more than just the chance to expand and grow. It goes further than cutting costs and increasing customer interest.

We are going to examine the tech solutions that are available to companies now and why if you own a business, you should be investing.

IT Support

Not too many years ago, IT support meant that you would have one or two guys sitting somewhere in your office. Occasionally they would be fixing bugs on your system. If you’ve ever seen the show the IT Crowd, that wasn’t too far from the truth. But now things are different. Technology has become more advanced. In fact, one could argue that without technology we’d be back to the stone age or at the very least, the beginning of the industrial revolution. You need more than just one or two men sitting at computers because the tech your business is using is more advanced. You need an IT Support solution.


IT support is critical for a company in 2015 because it reduces the possibility of downtime. This is important as if your tech is down, your business could end up losing a lot of profits. No business owner wants to see their company experience this type of downfall. An IT support company can prevent it. Netstar specializes in fully outsourced IT, and that includes the setup, the security and the fixes. You’ll have a service you can use 24/7 to make sure your business tech is always operational. It’s just one of the tech outsourcing possibilities available to your business.

Cloud Setup

We imagine that you are familiar with cloud technology. At the very least you’re probably using some form of cloud tech to store the information that you use on your phone and tablet. But you might not know just how important a cloud server can be for a business in the 21st century. Using a cloud server for a business opens up numerous possibilities. Firstly, it allows a company owner to change and revolutionise their business model. Rather than completing the majority of the work from an office, they instead have some or all their employees working from home. This limits both the cost of running a business and the risk the risk an employer takes on. Companies in the UK, in particular, are being inundated with accident injury claims in the office. By having most or all their employees working from home, business owners can diminish this issue.


Of course, the main fact that makes cloud networking so attractive is how much it increases the efficiency of a business. Information can be stored and accessed online, digitally with no wait and no delays. This means that employees can get a lot more done throughout the day. As well as this, you’ll be able to set up a network where you can speak to and share information with employees and clients privately.

App Development

Mobile Application Development

If a business owner wants to make their company look modern while also increasing customer interest. app development is the solution they need. On average a person will check their phone one hundred times in one day. Not only is that a huge amount of wasted time, it’s a massive potential for business owners. If you set up an app, you can make sure at least some of those views are spent interacting with your company. Consumers love this possibility and if you speak to an app developer, you can set up an app to be anything you need it to be. It can offer businesses more information about your business in a way that feels interactive. Or, it can even be a way for them to make purchases from a company with a click of a button. It’s a huge marketing possibility that a lot of company owners are missing out on.

Security Tech

security tech

It’s hard to think about technology without considering the idea of security. While technology continues to advance, the threat that this tech brings also increases. We’re talking about hackers who have the ability to break into your business and wipe everything you need off your hard drives. We also can’t ignore the fact the that’s it’s becoming easier than ever for hackers to do this without leaving the comfort of their homes. For that reason, it’s important businesses invest in the latest security tech. Using an IT support company plays a part here because they can protect your business online. But what about physical forms of protection? Business owners should be investing in the latest CCTV systems and other services that will protect their office.

Call Handling

call handling

One of the biggest advantages of tech for businesses is that it reduces the cost of running a company. One way this happens is through outsourcing. Rather than hiring people to do a job, you can hire another company to complete the job for you, at a lower cost. One example of this is call handling. Call handling for a company used to be a big expense and a number of people needed to be hired to manage calls. But now, it can all be completed through one programme that you can set up through outsourcing. You’ve probably already noticed it yourself when speaking to customer services. This will save you a lot by not needing to hire employees.

Digital Marketing


Finally, for a company to be successful, it needs to be visible. This means that customers must take notice and the only way to get this is through a successful marketing campaign. One of the biggest and best marketing campaigns is using the available tech. For instance, you can still use marketing like fliers. But, by included an augmented reality code, you can make the marketing more attractive and dynamic. It’s certainly going to get you the interest of new customers.

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