Making Photography easier with Advancing Technology


If you’re looking for a new creative interest to take up why not think about photography? This might not be the sort of thing that’s top of your list, but it needs to be something that you consider. It’s an excellent hobby and interest to take up, ...

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Russian Smartphone YotaPhone set to conquer China


Yota reported one of the biggest operations of entering the Chinese market in the field of advanced consumer electronics, in the history of Russia. Thanks to the agreement with Potevio , Chinese state-owned company, Yotaphone 2 will also be sold in ...

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Apple iPhone 6S : A Late Bloomer

iphone 6s

Apple has made quite a few changes to their latest released model of the iPhone 6S under the hood. But these changes, as compared to some of their older models, is innovative and compelling which simply adds to their strength. Whenever Apple ...

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Tech Solutions Your Company Certainly Needs

security tech

If you’re running a business this year, you should already know how vital tech is to the success of your company. But perhaps you’re not quite on the bandwagon just yet, and you need to be given a little nudge. It’s time for all business owners to ...

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Making room with Stayzilla #BNLF


Stayzilla is an online application for budget hotel room bookings across India. It is quickly making its mark by reintroducing the concept of homestays across the country! Currently, Stayzilla has spread its wings across 4,000 locations in India with ...

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Still not convinced with Office 365?


You might not see it tangibly, but you’re missing on a TON (I repeat: A TON) of productivity features that Office 365 has in store for you. Here are just 5 reasons to convince yourself why you need Microsoft 365 right now. The most common ...

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