How Microsoft has Impacted My Life and My Plans as MSA


It was in the late 20th century when Microsoft had advanced its first step towards its colossal achievement and development across the world. I am not sure about the person who coined the term "technology" but to say the least, it was certainly ...

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Android: The Savior For Small Businesses?

android for business

Android mobile operating system has been a huge success, not only because it offers excellent customization options but also because it comes with no cost. What it means is that mobile phone manufacturers can produce low cost phones that can be used ...

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An Overview of Mobile Phone Signal Booster at MyAmplifiers

gsm-mobile-booster offers a diverse range of mobile amplifiers that will guarantee you steady connections and easy communications when you need it. Thanks to an exceptional reputation, high-quality products and professional customer service, ...

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7 Important Aspects of a Small Business that Can Be Cloud-Based

small business on the cloud

When it comes to funding the start-up business, there are many technologies currently online that can help reduce the initial upfront costs of management and networking. Depending on the type of business you're setting up, virtually the entire scope ...

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How To Take Web Page Optimisation From Concept To Reality


When harnessed properly, the web is an overwhelmingly powerful tool for businesses of all kinds. An unrivalled platform, the internet gives businesses a stage viewable by literally billions of people. Not that many years ago, the marketing world was ...

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Kenya – The Forefront of Technological Advancement in Africa


The technological advancements in Kenya in recent years has improved to an exceedingly greater extents that now it is pretty easy to purchase tomatoes just through the use of mobile phone (even the mere basic model). After revolutionizing the lives ...

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