Strategies to Maximize the Profit on a Slot Game

Gaming on Slot machines are ultimately pure gambling without any possibilities of manipulation as a result of which you will never be able to win consistently. The good news is that there are a number of tips, tricks and strategies out there that can ...

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Making Sense of Optimism – #LookUpStories


People often see optimism as a way to deceive themselves and not worry about addressing problems (problems commonly encountered in daily-life or be it any serious issue). Not that I like pessimism, but in general: we prefer considering ourselves as ...

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Memorable Moment of My Life #together with Mom

most memorable moment

In our childhood, each one of us would have absorbed numerous enriching experiences that shaped our character and made ​​us what we are today. I write this post putting a grin on my face. So here it goes... The idea of recalling memorable moments ...

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Lessons that I learnt from the Past #StartANewLife

a new life

Through this article, I would like to share some of the tips which might motivate you in order to march ahead or bring about a change in your life. Like everyone else, I too had my share of highs and lows in life. I would treat these as ...

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Casino Gaming : Tips to Make The Best out of it


Casino is thought to be one of the riskiest modes of gaming. The society generally doesn't approve of the casino games. It is thought to be a trap where a player gets sucked in and loses himself completely into it. But when scrutinized, one would ...

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Making Your Office More Secure Using Technology


It’s no secret that office buildings are valuable assets. Not just from a real estate point of view, but because of their contents. And it’s often those contents that the rogue elements of society want to steal! For many business owners, building ...

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