Kenya – The Forefront of Technological Advancement in Africa


The technological advancements in Kenya in recent years has improved to an exceedingly greater extents that now it is pretty easy to purchase tomatoes just through the use of mobile phone (even the mere basic model). After revolutionizing the lives ...

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Must Have Accessories for Your Android Tablet

belkin tablet stand

The holidays have been out of the way for a while now, but some of us are just getting free of the gift giving debt we put ourselves in back in December. As Valentine’s Day approaches, I have begun to seriously think about buying myself a loving ...

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Edward Snowden’s Rocky Road to Justice

edward snowden

He’s been called a hero, a whistleblower, a traitor that deserves to be killed, and a true patriot. The actions of Edward Snowden are now known as the most significant leak in American history. Starting in June 2013, Snowden, a former CIA employee ...

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Let’em See: Gmail Loads Images By Default Now


Google is specifically famous for its mammoth scale, unprecedented visions and policies, and the most famous search engine. We all know that. But recently, Google is becoming more popular because of all the changes – and improvements – it has been ...

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White Hat Techniques To Acquire Backlinks In 2014

white hat SEO

Creating a website these days is easy, the hard part is getting people to visit your site. You may have the most attractive website, with a lot of content, but without traffic you will not succeed online. Getting traffic will demand a lot of time and ...

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Best Partition Software – EASEUS Partition Master Review


I have been a big fan of software tools that are free for personal use and today I've got my eyes on another another such tool that helps you manage the partitions quickly and easily. We are talking about the Easeus Partition Master that offers ...

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